Manage REST API Development

RestCase focuses on the REST API development cycle and enhances team collaboration,
reduces development time, improves testing and increases overall product quality.

The Idea

A little about the idea, the problem and the solution

The Challengeremove dependencies | reduce time

You're building applications that are dependent on APIs and other systems that you don't control. These systems are either incomplete, still evolving, only accessible sometimes, or difficult to configure in a development or test environment. Your development and testing teams are stymied - how do they progress?

Mobile. Composite applications. Microservices. SOA. Developing and testing todays increasingly complex applications is hard. RestCase REST API Mocking service helps you test complex applications earlier in the development cycle.

REST API Development Challenge
REST API Development Solution

The Solutionmock | develop & test | share

Rapidly Mock REST APIs and speed up development as it is becoming increasingly important in modern application development. It enables a number of development and testing workflows that greatly enhance the agility of development teams within enterprises with complex infrastructures and systems.

RestCase helps you quickly assemble and share mock REST API webservices, allowing developers, testers and performance teams to work in parallel for faster delivery and earlier testing. RestCase works with your existing development and testing frameworks and software integration tools of choice.

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