Supercharge API Development

RestCase supercharges the REST API development process resulting in improved team collaboration, reduced development time, improved testing and increased overall productivity.


Reduce Development Cycle TimeWith smart API mocks

With REST API Mocks, your development and test teams can use mocked rest services instead of production services, enabling frequent and comprehensive testing even when key components are missing from your system architecture. By simulating the behavior of essential components, your applications can undergo integration testing much earlier in the development process, helping to save time and speed up the delivery of the application.

Smart API Mocking

User-Friendly InterfaceEasy-to-use and user-friendly

With the most basic user in mind, RestCase user interface is designed to provide a clean and intuitive user experience that gives users access to key features with just a few clicks. Anyone can make use of this system since no coding is required. You will learn to use the interface within minutes of first use. One big reason for RestCase’s ease of use is its automation capabilities: It helps to automate the process of making API requests and testing API responses, allowing developers to establish a very efficient workflow.

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Fully Automated TestsWith automatic A/B testing generation

Rest Case understands the need to continually and automatically run test suites even after your application changes in order to realize continuous delivery. The Rest API replaces dependencies with mock web-services which helps to isolate your application under test and eliminates potential problems like cleansing test data from services, slow services impacting test suite completion time and services being unavailable.

API Automatic Testing

History & AutoCompleteInspecting, debugging and prototyping

All API calls sent using the RestCase system are stored in History to allow easy loading into the response viewer for inspecting and debugging purposes. This feature also makes autocomplete a lot more effective as suggestions are conveniently displayed in drop-down menus to help developers save time on repeated API calls making the API prototyping much easier.

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API-First ApproachVisualy design your API without coding knowledge

Rest Case gives you the ability to create your API first while allowing you build your web or mobile applications on top of that API. This approach puts your developers in mind, and by doing this you and your developers get to save a lot of work while laying down the foundations for others to build on. Our API-First development approach makes parallel development possible by all team members simultaneously without having to wait for a member to complete a step first.


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