Once REST API is created, automatically a mock is up and running, allowing everyone to start working from the start.


API mocks are created automatically. This way, all the development teams can work without waiting.
Validate your API design against an inteligent mock without writing a single line of code.

Validate API DesignValidate your API design against an AI powered mock

While you are editing your API contract in RestCase you can activate the mocking feature that will automatically simulate the API implementation based on its contract. The data returned is either automatically created or based on the examples that you provided in your contract. Mocks make it easier to get your API consumers involved in validating your API designs. They also allow you to start building your frontends before the backend is implemented.

Smart DataAI powered mocking data

Instantly mock API endpoints with custom response data, headers and cookies. Also, create multiple response status. Define simple or intelligent behavior, up to you. Our AI mocks technology (patent pending) helps you quickly mock REST API with simple or dynamic responses and fault injection to simulate real application behavior.

Code GenerationGenerate server skeletons and client SDKs

Once the API design is complete and your have validated the design against a smart mock you can bootstrap your API implementation by generating server skeletons for major development stacks such as Java or Node.js. As the key to success for an API is convenience for its consumers, RestCase generates client SDKs for you that are optimized for established mobile and web front end environments such as AngularJS.


Visualy design REST APIs
Automatic mocks
Automatic A/B testing
Accelerate development & integrations.

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