Easily‬‎ create test suites and test cases for your own REST APIs workflows, define the requests and simply run the tests to verify your APIs are working, comparing tests ran against mocks and your real API.


API mocks are created automatically. This way, all the development teams can work without waiting.
Validate your API design against an inteligent mock without writing a single line of code.

Testing GenerationAutomatically create tests from your API definitions

RestCase gives you the power to generate tests automatically by a single click. Just select you API definitions, whether from designed by you API or import OpenAPI definitions and click on generate tests. Automatic A/B tests will be created for you API along with a mocking endpoint. This will allow you easily to switch between a virtual mocked API and your real-world API to validate that both are the same and that nothing was missed in the real API development.

Team CollaborationShare tests, results and work together

When working on a project you can invite your team members to build out your tests. Projects make it easy to communicate and respond to issues and downtime as quickly as possible. Providing an automatic-testing approach helps teams spend more time developing new features and finding new bugs, while continuously runnning API tests, monitoring regressions, and catching downtime.

Easy TestingTruly codeless API testing

RestCase provides simple and intuitive user interface, starting from testing dashboard that is designed to model your real-world APIs, making it trivial to quickly view the health and metrics of your endpoints and test results, all in one view, and focus on what's important. Build your test with web-based tool, using intuitive user interface without any coding knowledge. You don't need to write any code to test and validate your APIs. Browse through testing results history in order to debug your calls.


Visualy design REST APIs
Automatic mocks
Automatic A/B testing
Accelerate development & integrations.

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